sobre mi

I am Joanne Fanny Barry, a yoga teacher, artist and engineer who lives in Tulum, Mexico. I am also a cancer survivor who found that yoga and my love for writing, drawing and painting were the things that helped me survive cancer and then build a life from the ground up in Tulum, Mexico. You can see it and feel it in my cancer bookjmb_newlets, I Wish I Knew. Now, you can read about it in my memoir, “Map of Life and Beauty”.

In this paradise I call home, I host yoga vacations, teach custom yoga classes, and teach and run Tribal a new yoga studio in Tulum, Mexico. Sharing my passion for yoga, I hope to add peace and healing to the world. I create 15 minute yoga audios to help people do just that: incorporate yoga into however busy a life you have and help you find peace within that sometimes agitated space. So, send me your contact information, and I will send you a monthly 15 minute audio to help you.

Yoga and self expression heal. Let me help you fit more of it into your life.