Stories From Paradise

Creating Space

The other day in class, I mentioned to “visualize creating intervertebral space”. I had a hard time getting the word out and finished saying, “wow. That is a mouthful”. I caught myself saying the i.v.s. phrase again toward the end of class and everyone sort of smiled and one student even said she had no idea what it meant. I thought about it – it was so clear to me. I love to visualize putting space between my vertebrae – intervertebral space. I mean, I do it in tadasana and it makes me feel taller. So I do it waiting in the bank and it makes me less impatient. It actually makes me feel more powerful, probably something to do with the taller part. I visualize creating it even just sitting at my computer. And I wondered why she couldn’t see it.

Perhaps we are not so used to visualizing things. And perhaps we are not so good at creating space. We set goals and objectives. But we rarely create the space in our days and lives to actually sit and allow ourselves to see what we need: in the minds eye, visualizing what will serve us best, how our bodies want to move, how you want to feel when you get that big success, how you want to feel when you walk down the street, intervertebral space and all. Take the time to visualize how you want to walk into that room and why. Try to see how you want your heart to open, creating space to give and to receive.beach.jpg

You see, it is not just about intervertebral space, it is about space in general. A focus on creating space in your life, time for contemplation, may allow you to actually manifest the things you need and want. Try it. Take a moment, plan to take a moment if you cannot imagine stopping for 15 minutes. No cell, no internet, no music, no body except perhaps a quiet dog or cat by your side and stop. Create some space in that too full life to close your eyes, listen to silence for a moment and visualize yourself doing whatever it is you want. Let yourself feel it. Notice the texture of the life or that posture you want to achieve and if you like it, if it serves you, strive to create space in your life to work toward it, to practice it. Create some space to make it yours.