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Resisting the Tendency to Quit


January is coming to an end. The resolutions and readjustments of your life are settling in. It is time to pat yourself on the back and relax into the new rhythm of your life. The pattern is setting, your body feels better, your life perhaps more manageable, the days are getting longer, the mornings and evenings hold a slight promise of more light and warmth. Find a sunny corner, put your face to the sun to feel it’s warmth and remind yourself that the darkest days are over.

Resist the tendency to stop if you feel it. Remind yourself why you started something new in the first place and push through to the end of the month and into the next. You will start to see the sunrise on those extended morning runs. The birds may waken you before the alarm. The acquaintances you made through your resolutions may become friendships. You will have changed your life because you believed in it and it makes you feel more like yourself.

Isn’t that what those resolutions and commitments were all about? It was an idea you had and a commitment you made to make your world a better place. It was not a meaningless exercise. Stay positive, dig deep and stick with whatever it was that you committed to do. If you need to remind yourself, why, do it. If you need to phone a friend, do it. Whatever it takes to help you move through the tendency to quit, find it. And in April and May when you are enjoying spring in your new improved life, send me a note to let me know how rewarding the experience has been.

Rock on.