Stories From Paradise

The No Train


I took this great on-line business course where one of the major topics was “getting on the no-train”. When I saw the title I said “what ever”. But by the time I finished the course and started to plot my future goals, I realized that saying no, for me and for many people, is one of the most important talents I could develop. You cannot do everything. And if you don’t say no to something, you may miss the events, issues and moments that will move you forward and give you time to pursue things you absolutely love.

 So for the last few weeks, wow, almost a few months, I said no to blogging!! Most business gurus (at least the few I pay attention to on line) said it was a mistake, yet I did it. I listened to my inner voice. It told me to stop: stop making myself crazy, stop accepting other people’s definition of what “should” be in my business model and start to do things my way.

You see, I have been working on my memoir. An inspiring story about a woman (me) who risks it all to pursue the life she loves (engineer turned yoga teacher in Mexico). Yes, there is a man in there too. And adventure and drama coming out this fall with Blue Heron Bookworks ( But the point is, I needed to focus. I couldn’t make progress until I stopped thinking of other things; until I let my creative juices flow and gave them priority. To do that, I had to say no to some things. Consequently, I have finished the first draft. I feel free to blog once again. I may stop again. And if I need to, it will be o.k. I am staying on the no train in a way that is true to me.

Try it. Take one thing that is making you crazy but that the rest of the world seems to think is necessary and stop doing it. It could be as small as saying no to jumping into plank pose on your sun salutation because it hurts your toes or as big as saying no to being connected to your cell phone 24/7 and turning it off to focus. It could be standing next to the wall in a balancing pose when you need it and saying no to forcing things. It could be not going to yoga at all to visit a sick friend. You will know when you need to say no.

How? Your life will be a little crazy. Things won’t flow, they won’t go smoothly. You might cry at things that seem harmless, or not so sad. You might get angry too fast. When things like that start to happen, take a minute; reflect on your daily life, your goals, your needs, perhaps make a list of them. Then see which ones are not serving you in your life and begin to say no. Mean it. Practice it. Know that “no” will help you get where you want to go. As Marie Forleo says, “Take the ‘no’ train”, and find the ability to say yes to the things and the life you want.