Stories From Paradise

One Month Young


Today, 21 January 2016, Tribal yoga studio is one month old. Not a long time, but something. How has it been? Interesting. Some might say I opened too early, running down the stairs during a class to stop a worker’s drill or opening the door of the loft apartment next to the studio to let clients use the bathroom: those in the studio still do not have doors. Or sticking paper arrows in different places each day to direct people to the third floor studio because we moved the entryway again! But they found Tribal.

And timing is actually perfect. I opened on the winter solstice: the shortest day of the year. That first day, arriving at the studio at 8 am, it was still dark. The second day, arriving at 6:30, even more so. I saw each sunrise that first week. And in the 6 pm class every day, I watched the sun set: hues of orange, red and yellow painting the sky. And whether anyone showed up for the practice or not, I was blessed to be there.

This month the sun is higher in the sky. Now at 7 am, light paints the gentle blue grey clouds. I still see the sunsets, but I let the teachers lock the doors behind them. My teachers have their rhythm; they know and love the studio. Someone almost always shows up for class. We took out the chain link fence from around the building yesterday and it is rare moment that I run from class to stop a drill. We have plants around the building and the moon is nearly full to give them its energy. The rooms have all been occupied at one time and Acuatic Tulum, the dive shop on the first floor, has elegant glass doors. We are officially open for business.

This second month, we start our workshops. The first Feb 18, 19, 20 and 21 is with a Peruvian teacher and artist who explores the connection between voice and our true nature, La Voix Humaine. ( explains it better). I am very excited to participate in the workshop and to open the space to new voices and new energy.

Then in March, my dear friend and guru Jenny Cornero will visit us for three days of yoga intensives ( Jenny recently created a series of DVD’s called “Yoga for Health” and for me, embodies what yoga means in life. Jenny will be at Tribal the 24, 25 and 26th of March, just around Semana Santa here in Mexico. I cannot think of a better way to prepare for spring and a time of growth.

In April we have a power yogi from Los Angeles and I know that in May and through the summer we will have many more visiting teachers, and visitors to study with them. It is exciting and as the dust starts to settle, I would like to say thanks. Thanks to everyone who sent energy and love from near and far and to all the people who showed up to practice or even visit and to all those who believed I could do this. Some days that makes all the difference.

Om Peace Om Love Om Tribal: one month young!largelogo_tribal