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Love your Tribe

I rushed into Tribal yesterday for the early class, patted Beto before he joined me up the 3 sets of stairs, opened the doors, the windows, turned on the fans, rehung the mats that had been drying since the night before and put out towels. I finished, looked around, inhaled, smiled and felt calmness enter my body and spirit. I stopped, relishing being alone in that space I had created. I love my yoga studio, Tribal. Let me tell you why.


First, the space is beautiful, clean and real. I open every morning and say thanks to the universe for allowing me to be there. Sure, I built it. But, wow, it is nice. When I open the windows, the breeze coming off the beach runs up the road and streams into the studio. I let it push the sweat from my upper lip and forehead as I pull the mats from the floor where we left them the night before to dry and bask in the morning sun. I look over my shoulder at the trees and search for the Caribbean blue jays, yellow warblers and sparrows making their way over the studio from their nests. In the mornings, I laugh at the cry of the chachalakas, the big screeching birds that sometimes hang heavily on the boughs of the trees in the adjacent lot. I smile even as I hear the noise from the road and the bike path. Somehow, it is more authentic for me off the beach.

When I hear my teachers coming I get happier. They are fabulous, bi-lingual, living their yoga and confident of their style. They come from a broad background of disciplines so I can offer (and practice) different styles. From Yin to Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga to Iyengar, we can cover our clients’ needs. People can get a taste for several types of yoga and experiment a little. I like being inclusive in yoga hoping it translates into all of our lives.

My clients are fabulous too. We have people who come from all over Tulum and all over the world. Some clients enter skeptical about yoga, Tulum, yoga in Tulum, me, Tribal, you name it. But they all leave feeling better, mostly about Tribal and yoga in Tulum. Take our friend Chuck for example. He recently wrote to us and told us, “Hey, just wanted you to know that I have stayed with my practice most everyday since I left Mexico. It has been life changing and I will always be grateful to you and tribal yoga for your help.” You cannot help but feel great about something like that.

The classes are well planned, led by experienced teachers and still intimate, sometimes semi-private. Not so great for business but fabulous for a person who wants a little extra attention. We don’t cancel even if it is just one person. If you make the effort, we are here to help you complete it. It won’t last forever, I know. Already we are getting more people each day and I know that soon I will put tape markers on the floor to help everyone fit their mats but for now, I relish classes with 4 or 5 people, the ability to adjust my students and receive adjustments when I attend class. And I cherish the friendships I am building in this slowly growing space.

If you have read my memoir, Map of Life and Beauty, you know that yoga pretty much saved my life. Here at Tribal, it continues to do so.

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Yoga helped save my life. Maybe it can help save yours.

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