Stories From Paradise

I Dare You

I had just “liked” a  short video of Mick Jagger when two young girls walked into the dive shop. I was waiting for the afternoon person to come in and trying to fine tune my social media skills when they approached me arm in arm with a little chuhuaha.

Como se llama su perro?” I asked, “What is your dog’s name?”

“Lola” the shorter girl replied.

I told them I had a dog named Lola, only she was much bigger and older before I asked how I could help them. They giggled and I waited. Then the shorter one told me they had a dare. I took my glasses off and, preparing myself for some absurdity, asked, “What is it?”

They looked at each other, giggled again and then looked back at me. The taller one opened her arms for a hug. That was the dare: ask the dive shop lady for a hug. I happily stood up to receive it and hugged her back fiercely. I was thrilled and walked over to give the other 11 year old a hug too.

That was it. They both laughed and walked away, waving to me from behind their back.

I sat back down at the social media, scrolled through horror stories from everywhere, shut the computer off and told myself that the world cannot be such a bad place if 11-year-olds are daring each other to spread some love. I walked outside to find the dog and the kitten sleeping together.

So I dare you to look for small things that make the world a better place while we try to fix the bigger ones. Because some parts of this world are pretty spectacular.img_1006