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We just celebrated Independence Day in the US. It comes a little later in Mexico, September 15. But what a great thing to celebrate. Being free, independent, totally responsible for ourselves.

But what does it mean? How independent are you? Seriously. On a very basic level, dependence is our nature. From the moment we are born, we need someone. Our parents love and feed us, moms and dads nurture us until we become less dependent, more independent. But still, our older siblings protect us from bullies and help steer us away from bad situations. Maybe they teach us a skill or two. Often, they offer friendship for life. But, eventually, we have to stand up and take care of ourselves. That is freedom. Sometimes that is a frightening thing. But when we make a stand, after we stop shaking and perhaps nursing some bruises, it feels good. It makes us feel strong.

Even better, when we stand up, someone generally stands beside us. There is almost always that person who agrees with you and to whom you gave courage by standing your ground. That makes us feel connected. And independence doesn’t feel so alone anymore.

Considering Independence on a national or personal scale, even though standing up for ourselves may be frightening and a little lonely at first, when we make a stand we connect with others. Being free, independent and responsible is what will eventually connect you to the world. Stand with someone who is standing up for freedom next time you have the chance. 

Happy Independence!