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The only other constant.


Change: the only constant. I know that. Really I do. But do things have to change so fast? From one moment to the next it can feel like my life is turned upside down. I want to scream or hit someone or worse, lie down in front of some oversized construction equipment. So what strategies can we use to make this “constant” more manageable?

Practice yoga number one. A practice with a focus on core is even better. Core being abs, but also core being our center, our values: like kindness, patience and to a certain extent, power. It is truly difficult to be kind to myself and others when I feel the earth below me moving. People test me all the time with changing opinions, changing actions and changing the way we relate. Things test us too.  One day the neighboring lot is green and silent and the next it is grey and full of noisy activity. Having patience is difficult when bam, the one thing you thought would stay the same is gone before you know it. But then I inhale and let yoga help me focus on my power: I have power over myself. If I let go of my power, seated in my core, I lose other things that are dear to me, including patience and kindness. Then when things change, I feel lost, angry and helpless. Not a place I aspire to be. Yoga allows me to practice owning my power over things I cannot change while I stay patient and kind in the process: with both myself and the world.

My daily practice also helps me slow down and find a constant that involves and even invokes manageable change: my power to change myself. I engage that power on my mat and own the change I embrace off my mat. After a practice, I can smile at strangers, speak with my neighbors, handle an angry client and own my power without being angry. I can channel that otherwise unharnessable energy that flows inside me: my core.

Focusing on that internal energy in my core, I can breathe into the change and focus on what is good about it: less pain in my body and soul, places where I can make change and a difference. Yoga allows me to embrace the change I want to be in the world rather than reacting to the changes in the world around me. For me, practice is the other only constant! Try it.birds