Stories From Paradise

Who re U?

I saw the word – one of my least favorite. Riding my bike to work, lifting my mood and my eyes toward the blueish sky, there it was: Whore. Broken, with space between the letters in black spray paint on the new cement wall. First the WHO then a space before the RE. Before I could curse at the graffiti artist, I notice the letter “U” just under the other letters. I solved the puzzle. “Who re U?” The A had somehow faded or the artist wasn’t sure how to spell in English: who are you?

I asked myself that as I continued my ride to the studio. Who am I to think whore rather than who are you?  These days I can think the worst before I allow myself to see the best. Who are you? Sometimes our world feels like a bummer. More so when we rush to conclusions and only see the “whore” not the “who are U”.

Yoga helps us to take that moment before reacting to look for the U and read between the letters and perhaps the lines. Practice.