Stories From Paradise


Last night to mark the Spring Equinox, we performed a yoga mala at Tribal Tulum. 108 Sun Salutations. I was nervous to lead 27 of them. It was my first mala and the first at the studio. There were 11 of us with 4 teachers to take 27 sun salutations each. We started. I tried to count. But as I followed, the number became irrelevant. The movements quickly became a movement of one. There was little need to lead. Together we made the whole. Our breaths intertwined and found their rhythm. Our hearts pounded simultaneously. We all knew the steps, breath and move. Lift and fold. Embrace and embody. Be aware and take care.

The 2 hours flew by and as I pushed a final bolster under a person’s knees for savasana and stepped into a puddle of sweat, I smiled and somehow felt connected to everyone in the world.

I look forward to doing that again. The yoga mala. Not the stepping in sweat!