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5 + 1 Strategies to Embrace Change

 Living in Tulum things change everywhere, all the time. I am not talking about the flowers or the change in season. I am talking entire jungles, buildings and roads! Things change so fast here, it is unnerving. But it has allowed me, in 15 years living here, to develop a few ways to calm myself down, embrace what is happening and be the change I want to see in the world. I’ll share 5 with you.

First, I practice non-attachment. Living in the moment gives these radical changes less power over me. If I stay mindful of the impermanency of everything, I can be more balanced. I can stay on top of it, most of the time. Yoga and meditation help.

Second, I live local, shop local, support local business and people. That way the places I love may last a little longer. My father once told me, “Joanneo, you can do a lot of good with a little cash”. Where you spend and what you buy make a difference in your community and the world.

Third, I don’t let new things threaten me. For a while, I boycotted new places, not wanting to acknowledge them. Recently, I opened my arms to these places and found super nice people. What I learned? Don’t isolate yourself in your own superiority. It’s no fun and the change will happen regardless. You just won’t have the opportunity to influence it.

Fourth, I surround myself with like minded people, people who get me. They care about similar things: the environment, equal rights, animal rights, whole foods. With them, I feel a certain steadiness where sometimes I feel I am standing in quicksand. Develop your Tribe.  Do some positive things together that affect your community. At Tribal we have our community class for LADLE, an after school program for hungry kids in Tulum. We get each other, LADLE and I. We help each other. With like minded people, you can do things you could never accomplish alone.

Fifth, I walk the walk: pick up trash, adopt animals when I can, donate, explain how dynamiting to create cenotes is not a good idea and I own and manage a business with a conscience. It is not always easy but is always comforting and definitely correct.

As a 6thbonus strategy for managing change, I journal. Getting things off my head and onto paper helps me find clarity. By writing my great ideas, I don’t forget them. If I do, I can go back to them. It also tells the universe pretty specifically what I want. Try it. Come to my Yin Yoga and Journaling class at 6 pm Mondays at Tribal Tulum Yoga Studio and practice it there too! Practice makes the difference.

I am a bit of a loner. But I love my community. By practicing these steps, I try to gently influence change that effects it positively. Try them out and see for yourself.  IMG_0419