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Three ways journaling helps build intuition and self trust.

I love to journal. I have stacks of journals in various places, and countries for that matter. Putting thoughts to paper gets things off my mind. I can organize my mind then. I become clearer, think clearer and recoup my sense of purpose, my mojo. Here are three reasons why you should give it a try.

First, you get to know yourself through your thoughts. When you write them, they become clearer, more quantifiable. Try it.

Write something positive down about yourself.  Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Now read it to yourself, out loud if you can.

Go look in the mirror and read it again, out loud to yourself.

How do you feel? You believe it right? You like that thing more now, I bet. And you probably rarely thought about what you liked most about yourself until now, having written it. Now you know yourself a little better.

Journaling is like that. You don’t have an assignment. It’s free flow. Sure you can tackle a problem. But you decide that. You can explain yourself to yourself as you write. Maybe not much to start but put your pen in your hand and do it. When you stop, read it to yourself. Perhaps out loud. You’ll learn that something about yourself.

Journaling also helps you see patterns. This develops stronger intuition since, after awhile, you’ll see things coming. That boy flirting with you. Wasn’t he the same type that broke your heart by forgetting you last year? Even better, that investment you want to make. Isn’t it a lot like the one you passed up 3 years ago that would have tripled in value had you made it. Or that routine you want to start. Wasn’t that the same lame excuse you gave yourself for not starting? So you never began.

Its nice to remember the patterns in our lives especially if we want to change them. Journaling helps.

Third, you can check back and see how things you wanted awhile ago – 1 year, 2 years 25 years, start to come true. When you write your desires down, day dreaming, free flow, you communicate with your inner self and the universe. In some ways you free your desires and plant them somewhere in the future. When you get that déjà vu feeling because they are happening, you know to look back and say, yes, I did it!

Its great. For example, in my past life as a corporate middle manager, I wanted to open a yoga studio and a gym when I retired or when I had “enough”. So I started, knowing some day I would have “enough”. I plotted the course by getting certified to teach yoga. But then I got cancer, nearly died, moved my life to Tulum, didn’t die but started to teach yoga. Fast forward 12 years later, I open my own yoga studio, Tribal. Fast forward 3.5 years later, we’re doing a circuit training for strength on the roof of my studio. And, by the way, a Yin Yoga with Journaling class that I lead. You may forget your dreams, but the things you write communicate to your inner voice and the universe. They never forget.

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