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How to Make Age Irrelevant

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how you will be, look and feel when you get to be say 50 or 64 or 81. Then you let it go because you are not there. Yet. And we naively believe that we won’t get there or it won’t be that different. But it is. Most of us get older. It is a privilege. Death is the alternative.

But your  age doesn’t need to be that relevant. Case in point: me. I practice next to my Tribe. I push them in my yoga classes. We sweat together, engage together and laugh together. How is it that a woman of 60 can meet on the mat with someone 25?

Strength. Mental and physical strength built over time with consistency and patience allows my practice to be a constant in my life. With this habit, you reap amazing benefits: a strong practice with grace and ability in every stage of my life. You can have this feeling in savasana, that glow inside, that internal and external peace for the entire time you are on the planet. Develop self knowledge and acceptance on the mat day after day, week after week, month after month and your practice will let you feel good no matter your age.

jo twisiting lunge

Practice every day happily, even if it is just 15 minutes. Fold forward and release your back in utanasana smiling at your belly. Open your hips in a standing half lotus as a prayer to the creator, a show of appreciation to your  physical and mental being, while feeling pure bliss. Stop a moment to smell a flower, suck your belly in and inhale to your armpits. Give yourself time to train, to  laugh, to play, to become strong and you will feel the grace that resides within you throughout your life. Practice and you discover a place where you recognize your limitations but work with them because you can!

Let Tribal Tulum help in June and July in our circuit training on the roof with Kate, an incredible personal trainer! Or join Tribal’s 21 day challenge in June, July or August. Even better, join both and find yourself moving from chatarunga with your knees on the floor to one where you drop slowly with a controlled hover. Or gracefully move into a handstand without that bend and wobbliness in your elbows. Work a consistent practice and feel the difference being truly strong can make.