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How to Face Your Biggest Fear

Would you like to know the biggest fear most people have?

“It is not that they are clumsy, going to die, ugly, not good enough, not smart enough, not welcome.
It is that they are that good”, War of Art by Stephen Pressfield

Being that good carries the responsibility to live up to it. Hence, we develop ways to resist it that are often hard to recognize. Stephen Pressfield calls it resistance. I call it depression. You might call it laziness, distraction or codependency. But call it something. Recognize that thing that tells you, “not now”, “not today”, “doesn’t matter”, “what’s the point”.

Because the point is that there are some things worth working toward that take time and energy. No matter how much you want to believe “if it is meant to be it will happen”, there is a part of “meant to be” within your control. Do the dog work. Show up. Make a commitment. Let the light within you shine.

Because sometimes, going with the flow means you push through. Think of a river hitting a huge boulder. It doesn’t just sit there. Well, it may for awhile. But eventually it pushes. It goes over or around or, given enough time, through. That is why we practice. Because in finishing any project, you need to carry the discipline, the push through, off your mat, out of your running shoes, off the trail and into your life’s goals.

For example, after I published my memoir, Map of Life and Beauty, some people were horrified to read what I had been through and had allowed into my life, even how I felt and thought. I was horrified that they were horrified. I stopped writing. Each time I sat down to write, I remembered who wasn’t talking to me any more, all the criticism after I had bared my soul, how it needed more editing, how it was boring. Seriously, for every 20 comments that said “wonderful”, I remembered the one that said, “pathetic” and I let that win. For awhile.

But I eventually started to write again. Why? Not because I felt inspired on one particular day. Rather, I forced myself to write something. I sat myself down when there was nothing coming off the keys. I didn’t judge. I wrote. One day and then the next.

As I do the work day after day, I channel something beyond the ordinary that is not necessarily the writing or the yoga I practice. The discipline of coming to the page, to the mat or to whatever you desire with regularity translates into genius: for me, you and maybe someone else. I will never know who I can affect unless I try, a little bit every day. This way I assume the responsibility of being that good. All I have to do is come to it every day.

Face your biggest fear. Cultivate your greatness with discipline. Be that good. Tribal Tulum has an easy way to do it: Tribal‘s 21-day yoga challenge for a daily practice! Once you know how to put your feet on the mat day after day, you can apply it to any aspect of your life including your most creative endeavors.

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