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Try This and Make Magic

“When two main aspects of breath collide and intermingle in our core, our consciousness opens into its natural contemplative state, creating an inner atmosphere in which insight and wisdom can percolate.” Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga.

Right in the middle, in the space in between: magic.

pink flower in entrance

When you notice that space in between you begin to enjoy life more, live it more fully, appreciate more and stop waiting for something to happen. Those spaces between asanas, between jobs, between relationships, between night and day, i.e. sunrise and sunset, between each inhale and exhale are where you find magic in your commute, for example, or in your solitude. Notice those in between spaces when there isn’t something calling you or something you need to do. Stop. Notice what’s around you. You may feel something different, perhaps a certain peace or comfort in the moment. You may even find joy in waiting for the bus!

Try it now. Take a deep breath. Hold it a second. Exhale. Do that again but this time hold it for 2 seconds. Exhale fully. One more time, inhale deeply and hold the breath for 10, 9, 8 and down to 1. Exhale. Notice how you feel. More calm? More aware of what’s around you? It takes about a minute to find the ability to be in the space in between, mindfully aware that although nothing is happening, everything is happening: trees are growing, you are aging, the universe is working on your behalf.

Imaging resisting the urge to exhale for just a moment before perhaps replying to someone. Meditating, watching the breath in the humblest of moments, gives us time to think. Practice watching the breath before running into your morning and you may start to notice the sun on a tree or a flower or even on the sidewalk before you run down the street to catch the train. Slow down for just 3 breaths and notice the space in between. Notice the beauty. It can change your life. It can change the world.