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An easy way to build confidence and self esteem.

Showing up is 80% of life,  Woody Allen

On the 21st we finish our 21 Day Challenge.

Who cares? I do yoga every day regardless. These past 21 days have been more formal. I wasn’t by myself gauging what I would do next, or for how long, or imagining a particular sequence before coming back to the breath. You could say these last 21 days I have been less connected in a way, to myself anyway.

But there is another connection. Although only a few of us participated in the challenge, we came together behind the idea of it. After each class, as I added the date and time in my line on the challenge poster, someone generally asked about it. “Why 21 days?” I would explain how the average time to make a habit is 21 days of consistently doing what you want to turn into a habit.

“What if you miss one?” I explained how research showed you could always come back to your challenge if you missed a day or two. Generally, you could still cultivate the habit.

“What is the prize?” The prize is the habit. Although you might say it is the friends you make in the challenge. But, as important, you are now accustomed to doing something good for yourself and the world. The world certainly doesn’t need more stressed out people and yoga helps bring that number down. So, yeah, good for the world and you!

Generally, the person asking laughed and made his/her exit. But the connection remained. The seed had been planted. Those doing the challenge, struggling sometimes, don’t ask those questions. This small tribe knows it feels good not only to check off the box for the date, but to actually commit to showing up 21 particular days for yourself. That in fact is the prize: a sense of worthiness, self esteem, self trust, confidence.

We feel good when we show up for ourselves and each other. Feel good with us. We start another challenge in July! Think about taking it. I am.

p.s. we did get some prizes!