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Feel at Home Everywhere

“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”
― James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

Imagine. Home. You take it with you. It is always there, irrevocable. Move far away, you still have it. Come close, you bring it with you. Rainy days, you always find home.

I love it. That melancholy part of me that lives in the nostalgic doesn’t linger there for long remembering I am “irrevocably home”. There can be nothing better or more comforting waiting on the other side. Where you are is already the someplace you feel more comfortable and more accepted: home.

Great, right? Or perhaps the greatest challenge of your life. To accept that right here, right now is home, comfort and joy home.  That means, what are we waiting for? Enjoy the now, work with the now. Make now that “irrevocable condition” of being home with flower in entrance