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5 Ways to be Your Own Guru!

“You yourselves are the Being you are seeking”, Swami Vivekananda

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Why do we look outside ourselves for guidance on our most intimate life questions?

Weird, huh? I do it too.

We forget to trust ourselves. Sure, we made some poor decisions in the past. But we’ve learned from them. That experience in any one else would give us MORE reasons to trust, not less. But people tell us otherwise: “Do you really want to leave that ….person, job, living situation….(fill in the blank). You will be poor, alone, homeless or any number of tragic yet unlikely situations. The world tells us it knows better because that gives them control over us. Afraid to move forward, we won’t leave them behind.

But we actually pull people forward with us when we make a leap of faith. So take back that control and be your own guru! Here are a few ways:

  1. Practice Yoga. I know. I know. Easy for me to say. I have a yoga studio and I love practicing yoga. But before I had a studio and when I was just beginning to practice, yoga helped me know myself in the darkest of times, when there was no one else to ask about my decisions. I made them for myself because I had to. For example, moving to Tulum. I heard that little voice coaxing me to face my fears in savasana. Yoga lures us into a quiet space where we can listen to that inner voice. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Meditate. Another place you can get mindful and hear yourself apart from the constant chatter around you is to focus on your breath and be still. It is there that you encounter your inner voice.
  3. Stay positive. A positive attitude helps us stay in tune and follow through with what is correct for you. I don’t care if you put sticky note positive affirmations on the mirror (yes, I have and it works!) Figure out a way to help yourself believe in YOU. That way, when someone tells you they know better, you can remind them they don’t!
  4. Have some fun. Let go a little and do something that makes you forget everything else. Because if you are always focused on finding the “right path” the “right life” the “right moment”, you may actually miss the moments that count. Like this moment right now. And sometimes those moments when you are laughing and enjoying are when you know you have made all those correct choices and your mistakes brought you to the right place for you.
  5. Be alone. Finally, as you surround yourself with people and things that support your decisions remember to surround yourself with you. Take some time alone to walk in nature, talk to your animals, water your plants and be peaceful and grateful for all that you have in this wonderful world.

This will help you find and follow your inner voice.DSC_5275

If you have a better idea, follow it. You know best for you. This is just my experience talking!