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One Thing You Need to do Before Starting your Next Big Project.

Sometimes when you’ve finished something, it feels weird.

Know what I’m talking about?

We just finished our summer strength series. This Friday felt a little weird, not going up on the roof to work out with the gang. Or what happens when your dream comes true, ie. you publish that book, finish that painting, change that relationship and move on, marry that person.

It’s done. Completion can leave a void and we don’t quite know what to do. So, often we kick our own ass and start something new right away. Is that you?

Next time, think about letting it sink in. Feel the after glow. Notice how it feels. Perhaps, give yourself a break and a heartfelt congrats before you jump into the next thing! Take a trip, take the weekend off, visit friends the days you always had training, get a massage, read a good review over and over again, kiss that person you are so in love with, sit in your new kitchen and look at flowers you just bought yourself.

Appreciate what you have done. Appreciate yourself and tell yourself, “Damn girl, bro, (you fill it in) you rock!

We get so busy pushing and looking for ways to improve, that sometimes we forget to tell ourselves how great we are and once we have actually finished something, appreciate it.

Instead of rushing to the next thing, bask in the feeling of completing something. Soak it in. Inhale the satisfaction of finishing.

So, please take a moment right now, remind yourself of something you completed and tell yourself how wonderful you are. And before you plan that next big project, take sometime to congratulate yourself.

mudraYou Rock!