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This Will Never Happen Again

I woke up this morning tired. Opening my eyes was an effort. Then I reminded myself that this morning, this moment will never happen again. Things changed.

I looked in the mirror and said with a smile, “your eyes will never be this sort of puffy again”. I reminded myself that the light would never shine the same at this hour again. I asked my dogs to sit before I opened the door and reminded myself that they would never break too early and run at just that moment again. They would not chase that bird in that exact way ever again.

I brought coffee into the garden, watched drops of humidity roll off the leaves and told myself it will never happen that way again. Every second, every minute of every day will never be the same. Things are happening and turning and moving that will be gone in a second, never to be again.

This made everything so very precious, like the sun on the palm trees and in the puddles. I cherish that glistening more. That person walking the dog on the next corner may have stood there every day for a year. But she’ll never have her hat at the same angle again. She won’t smile the same way. She may not even be there next time. I cherish seeing her more.

Acknowledging the temporary nature of things helps us value the small things for just that reason. The action of valuing them makes us happy if we let it. That “never again” feeling is a privilege. If you notice, you are the chosen one. So many people go along their way and don’t ever get it. They don’t wake up to the beauty of that drop of rain on the leaf or of the sun shining through the clouds. They miss it.

Take a moment. Slow down. Notice. Practicing yoga can teach us that, if we let it. So can life, if we pay attention. mudra