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Celebrating Savasana.

Savasana, Pose of Death and Rebirth.DSC_5364 The last pose of every yoga practice.

No matter what style, it is the closing posture. The time can vary but generally, out of reverence, it is at least 3 minutes. It is the most important pose of the practice since it is the place where we let our physical body slip away and find our center, the breath. We become pure prana. A part of us dies, hopefully that clingy, ego based part. And we are reborn.

Here in Mexico, the day of the dead combines well with Savasana. It is a celebration of death recognizing the continuance of the spirit body. The belief is that on this day, our dead loved ones come to celebrate with us on earth. It represents a special connection to death and to life. Exactly as in savasana when you come out of the pose and into the fetal position, you experience a special connection to life and death. You are reborn.

November 1 and 2 mark days of the dead here in Mexico. We celebrate that connection. We remember that those who have died are not so far away. Just as in savasana, we celebrate the things we’ve let go of to move forward. They are still part of us.

So, when’s savasana? Whenever you are ready to let go and start anew!

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