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What do You Call Your Art

bird3In a park I know in Mexico City, I found a quite corner next to a community  vegetable garden. I laid my mat on the concrete that had dried after the night’s rain, zipped my sweatshirt, pulled up the hood and began practicing yoga: movement in rhythm to the breath. Travel, anxiety, social suffocation and feeding began to leave my body, replaced by contentment, grace and openness. As I lay blissfully in savasana, I heard the music of the birds, distant traffic and the Spanish voices of 2 men just far enough away. I said my ritual prayer, chanted an “om” to myself and bowed east before I took up my mat and made my way back.

Passing the 2 gentlemen, I blissfully said, “Buenos dias”. They returned the greeting and asked, “como se llama su arte?” What do you call your art, referring to my yoga practice. Flattered, I told him “yoga”. He looked puzzled. I smiled and said “Yoga, nada mas” nothing more.

I walked back thinking about my practice as my art. Yoga has nourished my creative, physical and energetic being for longer than I care to remember. If I let myself count, its almost 30 years. That experience and self knowledge gets poured into my life and gives me security, the knowledge that things will be better than ok and the ability to move forward every day.

Practice with me at Tribal Tulum and let yoga be your art, your way to communicate grace to the world and to yourself. Here we guide you to build self expression with amazing classes, personal yoga retreats and our new retreat series to help people dig even more deeply into their practice and the magic of Tulum. So many ways to add grace to your life and the world. Isn’t that what need these days?