Working on it!

A young woman rode up a moment ago and looked into the closed door of the dive shop. I was carrying the laundry to the pick up truck and asked if I could help. “How much are the yoga classes?” I told her $18 USD or 3 for the price of 2. 

“I’ll go to Holistica. That’s too expensive”

I told her ok, but the “classes here are good”. She started to pedal away and called back over her shoulder, “I know the classes. It’s too much”.

It hit me hard. And for awhile now I’ve been saying “not my ideal client” “not my type” “not my person” “not my problem” not my this and that. But the not so nice feeling in my gut won’t go away. 

Criticism is difficult, always. But it challenges us to evaluate ourselves, our businesses and our lives. We cannot be for everyone. How many people have I told that? And how many times have I told myself? Since the day I opened 5 years ago this week, I’ve been defending my decisions. But as the owner, I make the decisions and live with them. It’s always hard when people criticize and say they’ll go to the competition. Even though my studio is full and I’m giving people an exclusive and amazing experience.

Why is it I want everyone to understand?

My need to please, right? A part of me wanted to call after her, “please come, be happy and use my amazing space and all the amenities at a discount price until I go out of business!!” Why? This is a self defeating behavior I learned, most likely as a woman living in a man’s world. I recognize it and need to work on it. 

So I do. Lets keep working on it until the instinct to please ourselves overtakes the one to please others. That way we can keep doing the things that contribute to our world over time with confidence and ease. I let her ride away so I am nearly there!