Stories From Paradise


What if you stopped for a moment. If you sat still, no expectations, nowhere to go, nothing to do. Have you done that for yourself recently? It doesn’t have to be formal meditation. Just sit still and contemplate the moment. You can hold a warm cup of tea or a cold lemonade if you like. Mindfully watch the wind in the trees, the birds flying by, the pigeons in the park. Be. 

Phil Good in his September You Tube (check it out at says when you get still for a moment, when you step back from the momentum of your day, you let the universe prepare your welcome, your surprise. You allow the universe to “spread rose petals on your path“ by letting it get ahead of you as it should and prepare your way. 

Take a moment to remember that great things are coming. The most difficult times lead to something better. Yes, have the discipline to take the steps, make your way, set your goals and meet them. But there’s the place of quiet where all that work, all that motion comes home to you. Stop for a moment and let it catch you. 

I took 5 weeks just now where I planned to see people, do things, make life decisions, move forward, etc. None of it happened, outside a family reunion my first days out of Tulum. From then, I let things happen. It wasn’t my plan. But I couldn’t rent a car, couldn’t see people for Covid or distance. I decided finally to give in and sit still in a northern rural community miles from nowhere and content to be.

Of course, I’m in contact with my tribe, the studio and the people I was hoping to see. But there are moments when I’m still and have nothing to hold onto: no staff, no class, nothing to write, no ability to run away from myself. In these moments I take the time to watch the winds of my life shifting. I close my eyes and allow myself to let those winds carry me where I’m meant to be. When I open them, I see a brand new world.