Who re U?

I saw the word – one of my least favorite. Riding my bike to work, lifting my mood and my eyes toward the blueish sky, there it was: Whore. Broken, with space between the letters in black spray paint on the new cement wall. First the WHO then a space before the RE. Before I… Continue reading Who re U?

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Throw a Massive Shadow

I take about the same route to the yoga studio every morning. There may be slight variations. But, honestly, there are not that many options from point A to point B in this pueblo pequeno. For awhile, I would pass a big guy walking 3 big dogs. The man is massive, “Paul Bunyon Big”. He… Continue reading Throw a Massive Shadow

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Benefits of Practicing in a Yoga Studio

I advocate home practice. It offers a discipline that moves you forward in yoga and all other aspects of your life. When you have a space or find a place to practice, find your breath and listen to your inner voice, you can move through the rest of  your day and life with more grace… Continue reading Benefits of Practicing in a Yoga Studio

Stories From Paradise


I was pulling “stuff” out of the car when I heard, “Feliz Ano Joanna”. I stopped, smiled when I recognized him and shared the customary embrace. He held me a little too long and smelled of stale beer. We parted, me gratefully and him reluctantly, and I resumed struggling to take things in. He turned… Continue reading Compassion

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Pink Ribbons

I pinch myself when I see enormous pink ribbons on the municipal offices in downtown Tulum, Mexico for October: breast cancer awareness month. Awareness of women’s health issues isn’t exactly Mexico’s forte. I almost appreciated being here before since no one even discussed breast cancer, regardless of the month. October reminded me that I might… Continue reading Pink Ribbons

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The only other constant.

Change: the only constant. I know that. Really I do. But do things have to change so fast? From one moment to the next it can feel like my life is turned upside down. I want to scream or hit someone or worse, lie down in front of some oversized construction equipment. So what strategies… Continue reading The only other constant.

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We just celebrated Independence Day in the US. It comes a little later in Mexico, September 15. But what a great thing to celebrate. Being free, independent, totally responsible for ourselves. But what does it mean? How independent are you? Seriously. On a very basic level, dependence is our nature. From the moment we are… Continue reading Independence


Once again: Enough

I left the house in the perfect 5 pm sunlight after self doubts and self criticisms. The same self depreciation got so boring that I dashed onto my bike and into this light that made me feel just that: light. I smiled my way past a sunny yellow house, passed an old mayan man on… Continue reading Once again: Enough

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I Dare You

I had just “liked” a  short video of Mick Jagger when two young girls walked into the dive shop. I was waiting for the afternoon person to come in and trying to fine tune my social media skills when they approached me arm in arm with a little chuhuaha. “Como se llama su perro?” I… Continue reading I Dare You