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A Great Way to Avoid Burnout

Today I went to my favorite place in the world: the biosphere in Sian Kaan. But the place doesn’t matter. We all have favorite places. The important thing is to go. How could we not? Easily. Life takes over: responsibilities, the belief that we don’t deserve to go with so much on our plates. But… Continue reading A Great Way to Avoid Burnout

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How to Make Age Irrelevant

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how you will be, look and feel when you get to be say 50 or 64 or 81. Then you let it go because you are not there. Yet. And we naively believe that we won’t get there or it won’t be that different. But it is. Most of… Continue reading How to Make Age Irrelevant

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Three ways journaling helps build intuition and self trust.

I love to journal. I have stacks of journals in various places, and countries for that matter. Putting thoughts to paper gets things off my mind. I can organize my mind then. I become clearer, think clearer and recoup my sense of purpose, my mojo. Here are three reasons why you should give it a… Continue reading Three ways journaling helps build intuition and self trust.

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5 + 1 Strategies to Embrace Change

 Living in Tulum things change everywhere, all the time. I am not talking about the flowers or the change in season. I am talking entire jungles, buildings and roads! Things change so fast here, it is unnerving. But it has allowed me, in 15 years living here, to develop a few ways to calm myself… Continue reading 5 + 1 Strategies to Embrace Change

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A parade blocked my way to work so I turned left and took the back road. As I did, a chubby black and white dog started toward me. I tensed and pedalled faster in case he wanted to bite me. Dogs do that all the time here. But no. He wagged his tail to say good… Continue reading Spotty

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Last night to mark the Spring Equinox, we performed a yoga mala at Tribal Tulum. 108 Sun Salutations. I was nervous to lead 27 of them. It was my first mala and the first at the studio. There were 11 of us with 4 teachers to take 27 sun salutations each. We started. I tried… Continue reading 108

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Who re U?

I saw the word – one of my least favorite. Riding my bike to work, lifting my mood and my eyes toward the blueish sky, there it was: Whore. Broken, with space between the letters in black spray paint on the new cement wall. First the WHO then a space before the RE. Before I… Continue reading Who re U?

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Throw a Massive Shadow

I take about the same route to the yoga studio every morning. There may be slight variations. But, honestly, there are not that many options from point A to point B in this pueblo pequeno. For awhile, I would pass a big guy walking 3 big dogs. The man is massive, “Paul Bunyon Big”. He… Continue reading Throw a Massive Shadow

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Benefits of Practicing in a Yoga Studio

I advocate home practice. It offers a discipline that moves you forward in yoga and all other aspects of your life. When you have a space or find a place to practice, find your breath and listen to your inner voice, you can move through the rest of  your day and life with more grace… Continue reading Benefits of Practicing in a Yoga Studio

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I was pulling “stuff” out of the car when I heard, “Feliz Ano Joanna”. I stopped, smiled when I recognized him and shared the customary embrace. He held me a little too long and smelled of stale beer. We parted, me gratefully and him reluctantly, and I resumed struggling to take things in. He turned… Continue reading Compassion