Stories From Paradise

Five Minutes More

I sat in the garden at dawn with that first coffee of the day, steam rolling into the air, hands wrapped around a white porcelain coffee mug, nose inhaling the gentle aroma and my lovely dog Uma rubbing her head against my thigh. I looked down at her and said, “I have just 5 minutes… Continue reading Five Minutes More

Stories From Paradise

What People Think

These days, I walk the beach in the late afternoon. People are generally leaving. The light is soft and the sunset reflects in the clouds that float over the horizon and the waves breaking on the reef about 800 meters off shore. I often get nostalgic, missing my dogs, missing my beach life and sometimes… Continue reading What People Think

Stories From Paradise

Having Enough

I arrived at my house to rush through a few things. Focused, I absentmindedly checked my mental to-do list: errands, payments, purchases, adding a few things to the list for my helper and cleaning woman like taking the laundry from the line before the afternoon thundershower kicked in. I found her in front of the… Continue reading Having Enough

Stories From Paradise

One Month Young

Today, 21 January 2016, Tribal yoga studio is one month old. Not a long time, but something. How has it been? Interesting. Some might say I opened too early, running down the stairs during a class to stop a worker’s drill or opening the door of the loft apartment next to the studio to let… Continue reading One Month Young

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Stay Fearless

Yesterday as I left the construction site that is soon to be my yoga studio, I had an idea. I quickly calculated how much money I had left in the bank and, for a second, decided to use it all to pay off my car, drive into the mountains and escape. I was afraid. I… Continue reading Stay Fearless

Stories From Paradise


I met a wonderful woman in Oaxaca named Foti years ago. She has visited me several times here in Tulum since. Well, the thing about Tulum is people come here. If you are here, they stop by and visit. They come to see you and they don’t, if you know what I mean. Generally, they… Continue reading Investments

Stories From Paradise

A Fan

I was rushing to clean guacamole from my white dress when a woman at the end of the table told me, “I am a fan of yours”. I laughed, told her I would be right back, and wondered what I had done to deserve a “fan” as I cleaned the oily green substance from my… Continue reading A Fan

Stories From Paradise

Letting Go

When I was in therapy for those oh so many years, my therapist recommended a little book of daily affirmations called, The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beatty. It helped me every single day to let go of things that didn’t serve me in my life. It helped me develop an “attitude of gratitude”… Continue reading Letting Go

Stories From Paradise

Magical Days

Today is a magical day. And it doesn’t matter if you read this today or tomorrow or the day after because each day holds magic. No matter what the day brings, if you take a moment and observe, there is magic in your very existence. From the smile of a friend, the touch of another,… Continue reading Magical Days