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A Great Way to Avoid Burnout

Today I went to my favorite place in the world: the biosphere in Sian Kaan. But the place doesn’t matter. We all have favorite places. The important thing is to go. How could we not? Easily. Life takes over: responsibilities, the belief that we don’t deserve to go with so much on our plates. But… Continue reading A Great Way to Avoid Burnout

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How to Make Age Irrelevant

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how you will be, look and feel when you get to be say 50 or 64 or 81. Then you let it go because you are not there. Yet. And we naively believe that we won’t get there or it won’t be that different. But it is. Most of… Continue reading How to Make Age Irrelevant

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Three ways journaling helps build intuition and self trust.

I love to journal. I have stacks of journals in various places, and countries for that matter. Putting thoughts to paper gets things off my mind. I can organize my mind then. I become clearer, think clearer and recoup my sense of purpose, my mojo. Here are three reasons why you should give it a… Continue reading Three ways journaling helps build intuition and self trust.

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5 + 1 Strategies to Embrace Change

 Living in Tulum things change everywhere, all the time. I am not talking about the flowers or the change in season. I am talking entire jungles, buildings and roads! Things change so fast here, it is unnerving. But it has allowed me, in 15 years living here, to develop a few ways to calm myself… Continue reading 5 + 1 Strategies to Embrace Change

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A parade blocked my way to work so I turned left and took the back road. As I did, a chubby black and white dog started toward me. I tensed and pedalled faster in case he wanted to bite me. Dogs do that all the time here. But no. He wagged his tail to say good… Continue reading Spotty

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The only other constant.

Change: the only constant. I know that. Really I do. But do things have to change so fast? From one moment to the next it can feel like my life is turned upside down. I want to scream or hit someone or worse, lie down in front of some oversized construction equipment. So what strategies… Continue reading The only other constant.


Once again: Enough

I left the house in the perfect 5 pm sunlight after self doubts and self criticisms. The same self depreciation got so boring that I dashed onto my bike and into this light that made me feel just that: light. I smiled my way past a sunny yellow house, passed an old mayan man on… Continue reading Once again: Enough


Don’t Grow Up to be Like Me

I was sending a text to a new yoga teacher who seems to want me as her mentor. I never have seen myself in that light. I look for the mentor: someone who can help me with my goals, my insecurities, my boundless fears on success and failure, someone to give me courage, confidence, assure… Continue reading Don’t Grow Up to be Like Me

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Opening December 21, 2015

So excited and proud to announce that yes, we will open Tribal Yoga Studio Monday, December 21, 2015, the winter solstice.  After that, each day gets a little lighter. Om Peace Om Love Om come and see us Monday: Vinyasa Flow, 9 am with me, Joanne Fanny; Hatha with Alignment with Eugenia at noon or Deep Flow at… Continue reading Opening December 21, 2015