Once again: Enough

I left the house in the perfect 5 pm sunlight after self doubts and self criticisms. The same self depreciation got so boring that I dashed onto my bike and into this light that made me feel just that: light. I smiled my way past a sunny yellow house, passed an old mayan man on… Continue reading Once again: Enough


Don’t Grow Up to be Like Me

I was sending a text to a new yoga teacher who seems to want me as her mentor. I never have seen myself in that light. I look for the mentor: someone who can help me with my goals, my insecurities, my boundless fears on success and failure, someone to give me courage, confidence, assure… Continue reading Don’t Grow Up to be Like Me

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Opening December 21, 2015

So excited and proud to announce that yes, we will open Tribal Yoga Studio Monday, December 21, 2015, the winter solstice.  After that, each day gets a little lighter. Om Peace Om Love Om come and see us Monday: Vinyasa Flow, 9 am with me, Joanne Fanny; Hatha with Alignment with Eugenia at noon or Deep Flow at… Continue reading Opening December 21, 2015

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Stay Fearless

Yesterday as I left the construction site that is soon to be my yoga studio, I had an idea. I quickly calculated how much money I had left in the bank and, for a second, decided to use it all to pay off my car, drive into the mountains and escape. I was afraid. I… Continue reading Stay Fearless

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Resisting the Tendency to Quit

January is coming to an end. The resolutions and readjustments of your life are settling in. It is time to pat yourself on the back and relax into the new rhythm of your life. The pattern is setting, your body feels better, your life perhaps more manageable, the days are getting longer, the mornings and… Continue reading Resisting the Tendency to Quit

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Five Strategies for Achieving Your Resolutions

  New Year’s Resolutions have always seemed like a set up to me. You resolve to do the hardest things in your life at the most difficult time of the year. If you resolve to work out more, the gym will be packed. Mornings are dark. If you resolve to be on time, the highway… Continue reading Five Strategies for Achieving Your Resolutions

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A Sure Fire Way to Make Yourself Feel Lighter

There are few things in life that give me so much pleasure as giving – giving freely, within my limits, to appreciating people, animals and plants. Giving makes you feel lighter. When I was leaving Germany, I had this great old car, an orange audi sedan with forest green interior. It needed a liter of… Continue reading A Sure Fire Way to Make Yourself Feel Lighter