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In 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was at the top of my professional game:  a supervisory engineer in environmental policy and technical support services for the US Army Corps of Engineers. In the next months I underwent 2 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. And I was humbled and educated by the experience. My entire life changed.

The three small booklets that I wrote: I WISH I KNEW, I WISH I KNEW HOW TO HELP AND I WISH I KNEW WHO I HAVE BECOME, are based on the growth and insight I received as I wrestled with my mortality and imperfections. They help people with cancer by supporting them emotionally and in a way, holding their hands as they move through treatment and wrestle with their own emotional issues and growth. Additionally, these beautiful little books help family and friends by educating them about the personal and psychological issues that cancer patients, and those who love them, face. A cancer diagnosis rarely affects just one person.

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They are soft and short and easy to read and beautiful as well. They are also practical, helpful and accessible – now more than ever since they are now digital and available at Please take a moment to read some of the testimonials I have received and if you have been diagnosed or know someone who has cancer, please buy a set and let me know if you agree with the more than 7000 people who have read them.

Om Peace Om Love

Fanny Barry


The hardest hurdles for someone diagnosed with breast cancer are emotional, not physical. Adjusting to this new, frightening reality is easier when someone who has been through the mill can point out ways to reduce the burden. This is as much a necessity when the active treatment is over, and there is only the great uncertainty of the future, without the constant support of the clinic staff. Friends and loved ones also need help in coping with their own emotions and in learning how best to help, rather than hinder, the patient’s recovery. The “I Wish I Knew”books are short, practical aides for those afflicted with this illness and those trying to support them. I believe they will be of great help to those wrestling with this terrible trial.

Abram Recht, MD, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School, Deputy Chief, Department of Radiation Oncology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

I cozied on the couch with them on Saturday when I knew that I could give them my undivided attention. I love everything about them- from the texture of the paper, the colors, the fresh  confident lines of the birds and … the words. The words are written with thoughtful, tender clarity that can only come from experience. Within their small scale these books invite fear, love, hope and vulnerability to gather and become comrades on an arduous journey that often involves many people. They are very REAL. They are practical, wise and refreshing. Thank you for writing them.

Take good care, Jacqueline,   / Survivor / Rebel 1in8 Founder

The trio of “I wish I knew” books are a powerful testament to the growth and change women can and do experience in their treatment and survival from breast cancer. I have had the honor of witnessing Fanny’s transformation and am pleased to lend my support to “That Barry Girl Foundation, Thriving, not just Surviving”. A diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the greatest fears women today have. These books clearly outline how possible positive change can be both during and after treatment. Fanny Barry offers support, advice, and guidance for women newly diagnosed and those that love and care for them. I strongly encourage anyone touched by the experience of breast cancer to read these books and share them with others who might benefit.

Kim Rosen, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist / Boston, Massachusetts

 We would like to take a moment and thank you for your words of wisdom, your shared personal notes and views on your cancer experience through your “I Wish I Knew” series of books and your work in establishing the “That Barry Girl Foundation”.  We have found your work to be very inspirational and have shared your books with our patients and their families at the Jordan Hospital Club Cancer Center….Sincerely, Joni

Cancer Center Administrator / The Jordan Club Cancer Center /Jordan Hospital / Plymouth, Massachusetts

 I just have to say thank you…

I’m heading off for my very last chemo today. After 15 months of treatments, my journey is ending. And I’m as petrified as I was on the day it started! It’s the fear of the unknown…

But, to pass some of the time before I hop into my car and drive to DANA, I went to get the mail. Inside my box, were copies of your three books. The last title jumped out at me — “I wish I knew who I’ve become.” I read them as I walked home. And, somehow, I’m not quite as scared anymore.

I can do this, too.  Thank you!

Monica, Patient at Dana Farber Cancer Institiute,Boston, Massachusetts