My New Book: Map of Life and Beauty

Map of Life and Beauty is now available on Amazon!


Map of Life and Beauty 3


This is the story of a woman in love: in love with a man who appears to be the spirit of a place called Tulum, Mexico. He introduces Joanne to all the wonderful things about Tulum. And she falls in love: with Tulum, the place, the nature, the lifestyle. But she mistakes it for love for this man who introduced her to all these places and feelings and experiences. And he begins to control her and help her move her life to a pre-discovered Tulum: savagely beautiful, raw, amazing and intense. Before electricity, before hip cool restaurants and people, before it was the tourist destination that it is today, Joanne Fanny fell in love with Tulum but mistook it to be part of an interesting, dysfunctional and violent relationship with a beach bum she met the day she arrived in 2004. But how to leave either? In this wonderful story of love and discovery, hurt and abuse, Fanny Barry captures the essence of a place that enticed her to abandon the secure life of a professional on the rise to start anew in a jungle hideaway across the street from a beach she thought was worth dying for, or at least worth dying on. The recent cancer survivor, decided to let go of her traditional life and jump into the deep end with this man and this place. Her story is riveting and captures the essence of a paradise that is quickly fading. Tulum 12 years ago, before Johnny Depp, before Meg Ryan, before all the hipsters could hack it, Joanne Fanny built herself a little bungalow in the jungle with no electricity where she could practice yoga, disrupt and detach from hostile men, ant and scorpion invasions while she recuperated and healed from breast cancer treatments, lost loves and opportunities. She turned her life upside down and inside out and came out on the other side of Tulum: at the beach, alive and willing to share her story.



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