Stories From Paradise

Throw a Massive Shadow

I take about the same route to the yoga studio every morning. There may be slight variations. But, honestly, there are not that many options from point A to point B in this pueblo pequeno. For awhile, I would pass a big guy walking 3 big dogs. The man is massive, “Paul Bunyon Big”. He… Continue reading Throw a Massive Shadow

Stories From Paradise

One Month Young

Today, 21 January 2016, Tribal yoga studio is one month old. Not a long time, but something. How has it been? Interesting. Some might say I opened too early, running down the stairs during a class to stop a worker’s drill or opening the door of the loft apartment next to the studio to let… Continue reading One Month Young

Yoga in Paradise

Getting There

“You never know until you try.” A wise child told me that one day. Well, soon we will know!! And it won’t be for lack of trying! Windows arriving, floors going in, sealing walls, adding details, finishing the web site and class schedules and even taking reservations!!! Certainly getting excited about Tribal and Acuatic and… Continue reading Getting There

Stories From Paradise

Creating Space

The other day in class, I mentioned to “visualize creating intervertebral space”. I had a hard time getting the word out and finished saying, “wow. That is a mouthful”. I caught myself saying the i.v.s. phrase again toward the end of class and everyone sort of smiled and one student even said she had no… Continue reading Creating Space